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HVS has earned its mark as a leading integrator of audio-visual systems and communication technology in Hospitals, Health Clinics, and Medical Science Laboratories throughout southern Ontario.


Here are some of our relative areas of expertise and how they apply to Hospitals and Healthcare institutions:


Nurse Call Systems


HVS installed the First Nurse Call System in North America interfaced with ‘wireless’ phones (nearly 20 years ago).   Since that time Nurse-Call systems and clinical workflow have become increasingly interconnected.  With many installations spanning many years, HVS has inherited a strong reputation with great expertise for such systems.


HVS is the region’s recognized Carehawk authorized integrator.  


HVS can design and integrate dedicated Kiosks or Hyrid Kiosk/Digital Signage solutions, with system accordance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (OADA).



Surveillance Systems


HVS has experience and recognition towards the installation and service of Video Surveillance Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare facilities large and small.   In addition to traditional premise security, other purposes and applications include:


– Remotely monitor emergency departments 

– Centralized patient observation

– Monitoring to help prevent infant abduction

– Helps defend against false accident claims

– Improve safety in parking lots and other public areas

– Monitor patients with diminished faculties

– Monitoring to help deter drug diversion

– Operating-room procedure compliance

– Support triage in disaster situations


Access Control


An Access Control System is an integral part of any security system, and its more than the monitoring of entrance ways.    It can track who or when people are accessing a building, enable an area lock down remotely or by local keypad, log and report traffic, access and display employee photos as they pass through checkpoints, and much more.


Medical centers, Hospitals and Research facilities today must adhere to greater security measures and evoke management systems with increased complexity.   HVS designs and integrates access control systems meeting today’s security challenges with fully-integrated security and facility solutions.



Digital Signage & Patient Queue Systems


Digital Signage has become a mainstream technology, finding it’s way in most public places today.  

As a source for news, advertising and entertainment, patient waiting areas in health clinics and hospitals can become a welcomed distraction to pass time, while offering informative public medical announcements or even a Patient Queuing system integrated.


HVS can design a complete Digital Signage solution, integrating hardware and software to work harmoniously with existing database sources.   


Kiosk & Way-finder 


There is a consumer-demand for self-service convenience in most public area situations today.   Hospitals and Health clinics are increasingly adding kiosk and way-finder solutions as a convenient way to direct patients, reduce waiting times, and reduce line-ups and frustration levels.   These systems can provide patients instant access and convenience in any place, at any time.


HVS can design and integrate dedicated Kiosks or Hyrid Kiosk/Digital Signage solutions, with system accordance to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (OADA).


Audio & Paging Systems 


HVS is the regional authority for Audio & Paging systems for schools, clinics and hospitals.  We install systems in Operating theaters, MRI rooms, CT rooms, or anywhere where critical communications is needed.   HVS is the region’s CareHawk authorized integrator.


Beyond the basic application of paging, the modern paging solution is extremely powerful. Pre-recorded music, tones or messages can be programmed for convince and automation of routine events. A lullaby music can play every time a baby is born. Audio reminders can be sent to zoned speakers to remind staff to turn bed ridden patients over.   Pages can be directed to discreet zones to avoid disturbing patients at night.  Built in calendars can automate routine announcements like visiting hours.   Mass casualty warnings, codes and security alerts can be automated.    Pre-recorded emergency instructions can be programmed to be activated on triggers, providing a calm, clear and concise voice.



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