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Spanning nearly half a century, HVS has provided sales, installations, service and support of audio-visual equipment and solutions to schools throughout Southern Ontario.   HVS employs a high-ratio of outbound technicians with dedicated specialties, unparalleled experience, and an extended fleet of service vehicles equipped for projects large and small.


Academic facilities in all areas and levels have come to rely on HVS for a variety of applications including:


Paging Systems


HVS is the regional authority for Audio & Paging systems for schools.   HVS is the region’s CareHawk authorized integrator.


Beyond the basic application of paging, CareHawk's modern paging solution is extremely powerful. Pre-recorded music, tones or messages can be programmed for convince and automation of routine events. A lullaby music can play every time a baby is born. Audio reminders can be sent to zoned speakers to remind staff to turn bed ridden patients over.   Pages can be directed to discreet zones to avoid disturbing patients at night.  Built in calendars can automate routine announcements like visiting hours.   Mass casualty warnings, codes and security alerts can be automated.    Pre-recorded emergency instructions can be programmed to be activated on triggers, providing a calm, clear and concise voice.


Contact HVS to arrange a demonstration of the CareHawk system.







Presentation (Projection) Systems




Interactive Whiteboard Systems




Collaborative Video Conferencing Systems




Surveillance Cameras and Recorders


Hamilton Video and Sound Ltd. designs, installs and services a complete line of Closed Circuit TV systems for Security Surveillance and safety systems.


HVS can put a camera almost anywhere, including, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Retirement Homes, Municipal and Government Buildings, Power Plants, Courthouses, Police Stations, Correctional Centres, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing Facilities, Hotels, Condominiums, Office Complexes, Financial Institutions, Underground Parking, Sports Centres, Highways, Airports, Railroads, Harbours, Bridges, Transportation Terminals, Aircraft, Ships, Buses, Manufacturing, Assembly lines, Processing Facilities, Refineries and Loading Areas.




Access Control


An Access Control System is an integral part of any security system, and its more than the monitoring of entrance ways.    It can track who or when people are accessing a building, enable an area lock down remotely or by local keypad, log and report traffic, access and display employee photos as they pass through checkpoints, and much more.


School facilities today must adhere to greater security measures and evoke management systems with increased complexity.   HVS designs and integrates access control systems meeting today’s security challenges with fully-integrated security and facility solutions.


Digital Signage, Videowalls & Kiosks


Whether you’re seeking a digital sign network for a large shopping complex or spanning many locations, a large video wall in a school campus auditorium or just a simple queuing system for a doctor’s office, HVS can make your ideas a reality.


There are many manufacturers and suppliers of Digital Signage media players and solutions, and all of them are able to run automated slide-shows.   Many systems however are closed and limited to what they can do.   What you think you need in a digital signage solution today may change tomorrow, and HVS always advices our clients to take time and ask for advice when choosing a platform before committing to a purchase, and in some cases a commitment to both hardware and a cloud service subscription.    


Our primary hardware platform of choice for our clients is Brightsign—a global market leader in their industry.  Brightsign offers a platform with practically unlimited design, application and expansion potential.   


HVS has inhouse programmers who specialize in Brightsign’s own scripting language, “Brightscript.”  We have methods of interfacing with data from the top scheduling/calendar software and databases such as Oracle and MS Outlook and cloud sources such as Google Calendar; plus we have strategies for automatically and logically updating the content of digital signs. 


Contact HVS today and we’ll show you all the amazing and affordable things possible in digital signage and video wall systems.


Carillon Bell Systems


HVS is the region's authorized Schulmerich Carillon reseller, installer and service partner.   


80 years ago, a young electrical engineer named George J. Schulmerich revolutionized the art of bell making. Schulmerich invented the “electro-mechanical” carillon when he discovered that tiny rods of cast bronze struck with miniature hammers produced audible and pure bell tones that could be amplied electronically to produce a rich, sonorous tone. He called his invention carillonic bells.


The carillon can be played manually from an organ-like console or can be programmed to play automatically.   The Schulmerich g5 system can be programmed to play from a library of 7,800 melodies and songs and features touch-screen operation, and web-based access to programming.


Contact HVS today for more information about Schulmerich Carillon Systems.


Comm-Tech Pro Video Camera Studio Equipment






Please Contact HVS today for more information.




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